Mobile Solutions America

OCT - NOV 2018

URL: Skills: Market research, responsive wireframing, client presentation.

Tasks: Redesign Homepage, PLP, and PDP. Merge products, services, and industry offerings into a unified eCommerce experience. Create a professional and modern design for B2B consumers. Client wanted a hybrid PLP/Info page.

Discovery Phase:

Held client briefing which assessed consumer base and offerings. Studied current site analytics. Researched competitors and compiled industry-standard taxonomy.

Ideation Phase:

Utilized site analytics and client feedback to guide user flow. Showcased compelling B2B information alongside product listing which helped minimize confusion among consumers and potential vendors which was a common complaint.

UX Phase:

Created 4 pages of wireframes using personal symbol library. Client required a custom PLP/info page for B2B consumers. Included one round of client feedback and a client presentation. Wires include developer handoff and internal notes.

Design Phase:

Handed off wires to internal design team which was overseen by lead designer. Verified with remote developers that wireframes were feasible. Wires include developer handoff and internal notes.